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Does the Church of Christ Believe the Whole Bible?

Sometimes, the church of Christ gets asked the question, “Why doesn’t the church of Christ believe the whole Bible?” This question typically stems from the subject of worshipping God without musical instruments. Some say, “Jesus said he came not to destroy the law, but to magnify it!”[1], as if to prove that God wants Christians to obey both the Old and New Testaments.

First, Jesus’ statement in Matthew 5:17 contradicts the next verse if one takes the view that the Jesus did not come to remove the Old Testament as a law system. Jesus claimed that the law would pass away when all of the law was fulfilled.[2] The death, burial, and resurrection of Christ brought the fulfillment of the law,[3] and therefore no one can appeal to it for justification.[4] So, in Matthew 5:17, Jesus’ point is explained in the context. The scribes and Pharisees were abusing the law of Moses. Jesus corrected their false interpretations.[5]

Second, some might object by saying that Psalms (especially Psalm 150) is not a part of the Old Testament law. However, notice that Jesus and Paul called books, such as Psalms and Isaiah, the “law”.[6] Therefore, that objection is invalid.

Third, if Bible believers appeal to the whole Bible, they must stone sinners to death[7] and offer up animal sacrifices.[8] The only part most people want to obey is the command of worshipping with musical instruments.[9] One cannot obey part of the Old Testament without obeying all of it.[10]

Finally, the only law system to which one must appeal is the New Testament.[11] The only instrument that is commanded in the New Testament to accompany singing is the heart.[12] God forbid that any Bible believer adds anything to God’s commands.[13] So, in answering the question, the church of Christ does believe the whole Bible. The Old Testament was written for learning,[14] and the New Testament was written for authority.

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