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Who Made God?

Dan Barker, an atheist and prolific writer, alleges that if intelligent design demands an intelligent designer (one of the most powerful arguments for the existence of God), then the existence of God logically demands an intelligent designer.[1] Obviously, this argument is valid, but it is not true. The truth is that God is an eternal Spirit (Gen. 21:33; John 4:24). As one apologist well said, “By definition: An eternal spirit (“the everlasting God”) cannot logically have a cause.”[2] It is logical to conclude that God has no creator if He is eternal, because eternity cannot have a beginning or an end. If God were to have a creator, then He would not be the God who created all things.

The atheist may assume this is an incomplete explanation of the eternal concept of God, but they know that incomplete understanding does not disprove the existence of something. For example, scientists may not be able to completely explain atoms, but that does not disprove atoms. Partial knowledge is sufficient in some cases (Deut. 29:29). As a side note: It is interesting that theists are chided for not being able to completely explain eternity, yet not one atheist has even partially explained spontaneous generation or the eternality of matter.

Incidentally, I was discussing God’s existence with an atheistic friend who said that the eternal concept of God is impossible. After asking her about the origin of the world according to evolution, she then proceeded to tell me that it’s possible that the earth is eternal since life cannot logically come from nothing. This goes to show that atheistic evolution always backs itself into an illogical corner. The truth always stands that God is real and He is eternal.

[1] Butt, Kyle, A Christian’s Guide to Refuting Modern Atheism, pg. 19-20, Apologetics Press, Inc. Montgomery, AL. 2010. Print. [2] Lyons, Eric,, Apologetics Press, Inc. 2020.

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